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Documents Library


This documents Library is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for B&NES staff to access key information and documents as and when they need it. The documents are arranged so that they are placed, as far as possible, under headings that align with the B&NES Policy and Procedure Manual. Documents can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form for the purposes of conducting procedures contained in this manual. They may not be used for any other reason, including the selling, licensing, transfer, copying or reproduction in whole or in part in any manner or in or any media to any person without the prior written consent of B&NES Children's Services.


When including any new or amended document in the Library we will indicate the date of inclusion or amendment in the 2nd column: 'When inserted'.


In order to access a document, click on the category your require, scroll to the form and click on it, then save a copy of the form on your PC/Laptop as normal.

The library has been set up and populated by tri.x on behalf of B&NES. However, all subsequent amendments and updates are the responsibility of B&NES children’s services.


This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each section contains relevant documents.

  1. All Children
  2. Case Management and Recording
  3. Prevention and Family Support
  4. Children in Particular Circumstances
  5. Looked After Children
  6. Fostering and Adoption
  7. Appendices

1. All Children

CAPTION: All Children


When Inserted:

Threshold Document - Assessing Risk, Impact and Need September 2019
C2 Request for Service Form June 2019
What makes a good social worker July 2016
Multi-Agency Pre-Birth Protocol to Safeguard Unborn Babies June 2019
Workflow for Birth Planning Meetings Aug 2018
Appendix Two - Safeguarding Birth Plan and Discharge Template Oct 2018
SARI - Race, Equality, Diversity and Culture July 2014
SARI Checklist and Prompts July 2014
Return Home Interview Form March 2016
OLA Missing Children process May 2020
Practice Guidance - Hearing the Child's Voice Jan 2015
Practice Guidance - Strategy Discussions Jan 2015
Quality Standards and Pratice Guidance for writing a chronology Sept 2013
Guidance on Undertaking an Assessment or Section 47 Assessment Jan 2015
What to do if you are worried a child is being abused Apr 2015
Parental Responsibility Flowchart July 2016

2. Case Management and Recording

CAPTION: Case Management and Recording


When Inserted:

NEW Information Sharing Guidance - Part 1 March 2017
NEW Information Sharing Guidance - Part 2 March 2017
Information Sharing Guidance PowerPoint March 2017
A Guide to Information Sharing for Parents & Carers April 2017
Recording Children's Feedback Jan 2015
Case Transfer Request form Nov 16
Child In Need Process Guidance April 2017
Child Looked After Process Guidance Dec 2019
Guidance on visits schedules for CP/CIN/LAC Feb 2017
Legal Planning Meeting - Terms of Reference Jan 2020
Legal Planning Meeting Flowchart - Initial and Review Meetings Jan 2020
Legal Planning Meeting Request Form Nov 2019
Supervision Agreement April 2019
Supervision Record Template April 2019
File Audit Process and Guidance Document Feb 2020
Case Record Restriction Protocol Sept 2020

3. Prevention and Family Support

CAPTION: Prevention and Family Support


When Inserted:

CIN Quality Standards and Practice Guidance on Writing a CIN Plan July 2014
Assessment Of Parental Engagement and Capacity to Change Feb 2015
Step Down Process July 2020

4. Children in Particular Circumstances

CAPTION: Children in Particular Circumstances


When Inserted:

Quality Standards and Practice Guidance for Independent Chairs of CP Conferences Oct 2017
Housing and Children Service Protocol- Homeless Young People September 2015
Age Assessment Guidance December 2015
Child Sexual Exploitation Network Process March 2016
Child Sexual Exploitation Workflow Duty January 2016
Child Sexual Exploitation Workflow SPOC January 2016
Child Sexual Exploitation Guidance on risk assessment and intervention Jan 2018
Child Sexual Exploitation SERAF Risk Assessment June 2019
Child Sexual Exploitation Willow Referral Form June 2019
Concordat on Children in Custody February 2017
Prevent Action Plan February 2017
Prevent Channels Process Flowchart April 2017
UASC Strategy Group Terms of Reference Feb 2019
NEW Female Genital Mutilation Multi-Agency Guidance March 2017
Disabled Children's Team Eligibility Criteria Feb 2018

5. Looked After Children

CAPTION: Looked After Children


When Inserted:

Children in Care Pledge May 2019
Child in Care Plan and Review July 2014
CareLeavers Leaflet July 2015
Local Offer for Care Leavers Feb 2019
Children In Care and Care Leavers Savings Guidance March 2019
Staying Put Policy July 2020
Staying Plus Placement Agreement April 2020
Staying Put Finances July 2020
Payment of Staying Put rent via Universal Credit July 2020
What does 'Section 20' mean? Your Rights as a Parent Jan 2016
Placement Agreement (Section 20) Template July 2020
Placement Agreement (Care Order) Template July 2020
Placement with Parent Report to Director Template March 2018
Working with Children in Family Proceedings Feb 2016
Accident incident report Mar 2016
Coming into Care Checklist Dec 2015
COLA - 'The Offer' to other authorities May 2017
LiquidLogic Guide - Pathway Plans July 2016
Connected Carer Assessment Flowchart Feb 2020
Connected Persons Assessment - Issues Resolution Policy Sept 2020
Viability Flowchart Jan 2020
Reg 24 Flowchart Feb 2020
NEW Young Person's Needs Assessment Guidance April 2017
Supervised Family Time Referral Form
Supervised Contact Written Agreement Aug 2017
Supervised Contact Review Meeting Record Aug 2017
Care Placement Panel Terms of Reference July 2018
Permanence Panel Terms of Reference Sept 2018
Corporate Parenting Group Meeting Terms of Reference Feb 2019
Process to revoke Care Order or Placement Order Sept 2020

6. Fostering and Adoption

CAPTION: Fostering and Adoption


When Inserted:

Fostering Statement of Purpose July 2019
Adoption FAQ July 2020
The Adoption Family Finding and Review Process Jan 2015
Private Fostering Policy, Procedure and Guidance Oct 2019
Private Fostering - Independent Schools Nov 16
Private Fostering Flowchart Feb 2017

7. Appendices

CAPTION: Appendices table


When Inserted:

This is How We Do it Here Jan 2016
Keeping Children Safe in Education Apr 2015
ASYE Final Assessment with KSS Oct 2015
ASYE B&NES Direct OBS Template Oct 2015
ASYE Learning Agreement Oct 2015
Initial ASYE Assessment Againt KSS Oct 2015
Knowledge and Skills Statement for Child and Family Practitioners May 2018
ASYE Summary sheet for line managers June 2018
ASYE Summary sheet for NQSW's July 2018
ASYE Summary sheet for Reflective Supervisors July 2018
DBS Childrens Services Requirements May 2018
Introductory Guide to Completion of Parenting Assessments Oct 2015
Parenting Assessment Layout Template Oct 2015
Parenting Assessment Plan Template Oct 2015
Dimension Description Oct 2015
For Families Keeping Children Safe Nov 2015
For Practitioners Keeping Children Safe Nov 2015
S29 and S35 Request Form Nov 2015
Shout Out - Advocacy at your Child Protection Conference Dec 2015
Shout Out - Have Your Say Dec 2015
Shout Out - Information for Foster Carers Dec 2015
Shout Out - Preparing for Adulthood Dec 2015
Shout Out Film for Young People Dec 2015
Shout Out Referral Form 2015 Dec 2015
Request for Family Support Practitioner Dec 2018
NEW Complaints and Representation Procedure Feb 2017
Children and Young People Service Structure Chart July 2020